You CAN Handle the Truth

The Truth is a person called the Word and He came so we could not only handle the things of this world, but overcome them. Read about it here: You Can't Handle the Truth  

Great Commission

Is the Great Commission something that could be fulfilled in our lifetimes? Check out this BLOG written by L.G. Westlake and Nathan Fulcher :Read now Great Commission

Beautiful and Disturbing

When having tea with a new friend in Palm Beach, Florida, I was reminded of a certain verse of Scripture. I’ve meditated on James 1: 1-4 for three days now. Let me start at the beginning. I work for an amazing ministry that sends me out to meet with the people who invest in our... Continue Reading →

Empty Plates

Going back to work with an international Bible ministry, I’ve been reminded of the year and a half we lived in Equatorial Guinea working with a Bible translation project in process there. I experienced a myriad of emotions as I recalled our ten-year-old son surviving an acute asthma attack while staying in a village that... Continue Reading →

Crushed Olives

I had the chance to sit on a patch of ground on the Mount of Olives in a garden facing Jerusalem. The story of Gethsemane - Christ taking Peter, James, and John to pray the night before his mockery of a trial ensued - came to life in a tangible way. I’m not sure that... Continue Reading →

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