BeBrave Bible Briefs

For the busy and the brave, these topical Bibles studies are perfect for the busiest folks – three lessons which can be done in one, two, or three days. Also for the biblically brave: the lessons will connect your heart and mind to the mysteries of Christ.

Transport your spirit today. Open God’s Word.


Three fast lessons on the I ams of Christ for the troubled times in life.

The Shape of Prayer

Three lessons on biblical prayer. The shape of your prayer life is as unique as you are.

The Mystery of Abiding

A deeper look at the vine and the life-giving sap that flows to the branches. The exciting news? You are the branch.

Hi. Thank you for letting me in on your Jesus journey. We’re all different parts of the body of Christ and through Scripture engagement, we begin to discover our own unique place. Here’s to your growth and discovery …

— Laurie

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