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Westlake’s latest suspense novel titled Bent won first place in a Florida writing contest. In addition to her allegorical fantasy book Quest for the Life Tree—chosen as a Feature Title by the Publisher—Westlake has articles published in Today’s Christian Woman, Christian Parenting Today, Virtue Magazine, and Women of the Harvest. Westlake has also contributed to Renew, A Devotional Magazine published by Zondervan.

Calculated Risks

Coming in May, 2021

Solving white-collar crime is one thing, but can financial accountant Isabella Phillips crack a murder case in a place where drug dealers set the rules?


Coming 2021

There’s a line between insanity and evil. But not in Acker, Texas.

Quest for the Life Tree

Westlake’s debut and award-winning novel.

Here’s what people said about Laurie’s debut novel: Quest for the Life Tree

“Second time to read this. Gleaned much more this time. Marvelously written. Word pictures and symbolism galore:). Hard to put down once you start. “- KG

“This book is my kind of read! As an allegory, it’s multi-faceted and can’t be reviewed as just an entertaining story. The symbolism and mystery utilized in this book challenges us to dig deeper and seek for hidden gold! Read Jesus’ parables for the keys of understanding. I didn’t want to put this book down; I can hardly wait for the next one!!” – LW

“Laurie’s unique gift of developing fearless, compelling characters and weaving a suspenseful story escorts the reader on this thrill ride. Since its release I’ve waited with bated breath for its sequel, and I’m told the wait is almost over!” – CB

Goodreads reviews for Quest for the Life Tree

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