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What you were made for will impact the lives of the people around you. What you were made for will change the world we live in. Join Author L.G. Westlake in unraveling the mysteries of God’s will in your life. There is a magnificent world plan in play, and you’ve been chosen to take part.

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God’s Will –unraveling the mystery is a fascinating and very practical roadmap for the reader to encounter God and see the mysterious ways God uses every opportunity to reveal His will to people through His Word. This is more than a typical personal Bible study guide. This is a faith story that has a beautiful passion for learning the Word and a lifetime of longing to see God’s will revealed in each believer in a personal, mission focused and discipleship fashion ….

Laurie, with a rich missions’ perspective, writes in a very clear, deeply personal, and sometimes brutally honest account. She is giving us not just her observation of God’s will in global and local missions, but also how His will is critically important for our entire lives. Not just when we are faced with decisions on jobs, where we should live, how to do ministry, marriage, family matters, etc. But in our daily lives we are committed in his instructions. She challenges and encourages us to live for God today knowing His will in a life of every day mission and ministry  brings glory to His names.”

– Abel Taye, Regional Field Coordinator
Christians United for Israel

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