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Calculated Risks

To be released May, 2021

calculated risks

Top Forensic Accountant with the Houston Police Department, Isabella (Isa) Phillips is unhinged. Her newlywed husband was found murdered in Albuquerque. But he was supposed to be on an undercover narcotics assignment in Houston. Isa’s composed world unravels when investigators fail to provide answers to her mounting questions. Ignoring undercover rules and protocols, she quits her desk job and heads to Albuquerque’s seedy drug underworld in search of answers. But when she finds herself joined to a by-the-book FBI agent on assignment, she discovers her life is really an illusion. Thrust into a world of deceit ruled by a power-hungry cartel leader, each of Isa’s defense mechanisms are threatened and more—she’s put her own life at risk.

Meet Isa.

She’s headstrong, determined, and on top of her game as the lead accountant at HPD. But the past keeps showing up and disrupting what she’s worked hard to build — an orderly life that is very different from the chaos she grew up in.

She’s an accountant because math is perfect. She’s a baker because baking is precise. She’s a grieving widow because her husband — a man she really didn’t know — was murdered.

Get to know Isa when Calculated Risks is released in May, 2021.


Calculated Risks — Why this book?

I believe there is a superhero inside each of us. My God-given passion is to help people unearth their inner superpower and make a difference in the world. In this book, Isa Phillips is a woman looking to control her circumstances with processes and spreadsheets. But when her world unravels . . . well, you will have to read the book to find out what happens. But know this — all though Isa’s story involves deceit, lies, and murder, you won’t find her journey so very different from your own. From ordinary to extraordinary — there’s a superhero in you.

What L. G. Westlake’s Readers are Saying

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James Scott Bell, Author

I am happy to report that [Laurie] can write…” 

Larry J. Leech, II, Author, Coach

“Laurie Westlake is a top-notch writer. Her writing and storytelling abilities will keep readers satisfied for years to come.”

From one of my readers – CB

Laurie’s unique gift of creating fearless, compelling characters and weaving a suspenseful story escorts the reader on this thrill ride.”


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