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Alert, Watchful, Ready

“… for you do not know which day your Lord is coming.” Matthew 24:42(b) As I ponder the odd times at hand and find myself mentioning my biblical Jesus-is-coming-soon conclusions…


Stones of Truth

Throughout the Old Testament, God orchestrated real-life events to teach deep and mysterious truths …


Thank Him for What?

It’s easier to grumble about the rain than to praise God when the thunder is so loud.


Ezer Emunah

The Guardian Woman Takes Action Watch out! When we women take on our natural and first-appointed role as the quote-un-quote helpmate, we are shields of protection and agents of change–the…


Revelation Blog 9: the horsemen

Revelation blog 9 – Riders of the Red, Pale, and Black Horses In blog number 8, John’s vision moved from heaven to earth as the first rider on a white…


Peculiar Leadership

After nearly thirty years in fulltime Christian ministry, I can testify to some leadership confusion.


Revelation Blog No. 8

But these days when news headlines can jolt us to the core, it’s important to understand biblical prophecies.



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