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For further insight into God’s will and how you fit into the plans of mankind, check out our Bible Briefs, God’s Will, Unraveling the Mystery.

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    The uncovering of the glory to come, Revelation offers insight into Christ, His glory, His purposes, and the coming events that lead to His worldwide reign.

  • You are Precious Fruit and More

    The Farmer keeps His eye on the coming, delightful fruit of His labors, anticipating the day He plucks you from the vine, holds you up in His palm, and examines His prize.

  • Revelation Blog 7, The True Christ is Revealed

    How cool is this? the time is near. God wants you to know stuff. And He blesses you when you want to know stuff.

  • Revelation 6th Blog- A Look at Angels

    But then … John sees something out of this world … beyond our limited vision and imagination.

  • Revelation 5th Blog-The Energy-Enveloped Throne

    I’ve been accused of being too zealous about the end times …

  • A Holy Gathering

    I confess, I’ve had a bad attitude towards gatherings of various kinds for more reasons than Covid.

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