Coronavirus – an Esther Moment

I think most women can identify with Esther, the rags to riches queen whose story is found in the Old Testament. Out of the 66 books that make up the Bible only two, two, I say, bear women’s names. Esther is one of them. In my camp, this makes Esther an important read. The Bible... Continue Reading →

You CAN Handle the Truth

The Truth is a person called the Word and He came so we could not only handle the things of this world, but overcome them. Read about it here: You Can't Handle the Truth  

Great Commission

Is the Great Commission something that could be fulfilled in our lifetimes? Check out this BLOG written by L.G. Westlake and Nathan Fulcher :read now Great Commission

Beautiful and Disturbing

When having tea with a new friend in Palm Beach, Florida, I was reminded of a certain verse of Scripture. I’ve meditated on James 1: 1-4 for three days now. Let me start at the beginning. I work for an amazing ministry that sends me out to meet with the people who invest in our... Continue Reading →

Empty Plates

Going back to work with an international Bible ministry, I’ve been reminded of the year and a half we lived in Equatorial Guinea working with a Bible translation project in process there. I experienced a myriad of emotions as I recalled our ten-year-old son surviving an acute asthma attack while staying in a village that... Continue Reading →

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