Fear’s Place

Hyperinflation, food shortages, botched elections. Increased immorality, ramped addictions, a culture out of control.  Loneliness, isolation … rejection … judgement from others. Do any of the above circumstances start a tremor in your heart? These fear-inducing commodities are sold to us hourly by the media, sometimes well-meaning friends, and even a few of our supposedContinue reading “Fear’s Place”

Revelation Blog 9: the horsemen

Revelation blog 9 – Riders of the Red, Pale, and Black Horses In blog number 8, John’s vision moved from heaven to earth as the first rider on a white horse entered his vision scope. I believe with the arrival of the four horsemen, what John witnesses includes scenes on earth. The horseman with theContinue reading “Revelation Blog 9: the horsemen”