Muck Fires, Censorship, and Crazy Times

Muck Fires I’ll take the firestorm over the Muck any day. When it comes to fire classifications, you can see, hear, and feel the onset of a raging firestorm. Smoke billows through the air; the coal-hot wood snaps and cracks; wind in the flames hiss; and the heat—it melts your heart cause your skin isContinue reading “Muck Fires, Censorship, and Crazy Times”

The Rubber On My Road — The Name of Christ

Matthew 10:22 “You will be hated by everyone because of me, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved.” The rubber is hitting the road, my friends and this season, this time, this hour is our crucial moment of action. The Backstory For decades we wondered how it would happen. OverContinue reading “The Rubber On My Road — The Name of Christ”

The Fulani Herdsman Angel

The Angel—a Fulani Herdsman. We’d had a rough second week—Steve tangled with malaria, all four of us had dysentery from eating one-week-old, unrefrigerated meat, and the nights were growing colder, making our outdoor bucket baths almost unbearable. Still, Mesa and I decided to make the trek to Sa’h, an African village some seven or eightContinue reading “The Fulani Herdsman Angel”

Insecurities, End Times, and Viruses

This is a blog about my insecurities, the end times, and viruses. Controversial Yep, in the following pages, I will attempt to pull the three random topics together so that the fire that burns at my heart will simmer down. Some of this is controversial and I cannot believe my fingers are participating by typingContinue reading “Insecurities, End Times, and Viruses”