The Fulani Herdsman Angel

Photo by Jim Richter on The Angel—a Fulani Herdsman. We’d had a rough second week—Steve tangled with malaria, all four of us had dysentery from eating one-week-old, unrefrigerated meat, and the nights were growing colder, making our outdoor bucket baths almost unbearable. Still, Mesa and I decided to make the trek to Sa’h, an... Continue Reading →

Insecurities, End Times, and Viruses

This is a blog about my insecurities, the end times, and viruses. Controversial Yep, in the following pages, I will attempt to pull the three random topics together so that the fire that burns at my heart will simmer down. Some of this is controversial and I cannot believe my fingers are participating by typing... Continue Reading →

Why This Novel Now?

"I grew up in a small town in the loving heart of Texas. ... Today I live in the big city of Albuquerque, home to famous New Mexico cuisine and beautiful landscapes."

His Power In YOU

The visible is the expression of the invisible ... further study gives us a clue to the relationship between between heavenly life and blood.

Are We Desensitized?

The desensitization of our foundational Christian values has more than begun. In psychology, desensitization is a treatment for phobias in which the patient is exposed to progressively more anxiety-provoking stimuli and taught relaxation techniques. This process teaches a patient to ignore the internal signals or alarms warning them that whatever is triggering said alarms, is... Continue Reading →

What the Heck is Happening Out There

Photo by Pixabay on Crazy Stuff Post Covid lockdown culture and extreme sensitivities brought on by a woke society out to radically morph our world have me asking daily, what the heck is going on around here? With all the talk of UFO sightings, I wonder if we haven’t already been invaded and body-snatching... Continue Reading →

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